NewOldBits talks at ELC 2012!

Post date: Jan 23, 2012 3:38:47 PM

A new model for the system and devices latency

Due to the nature of the new SoC architectures the Power Management needs a new model for the various system latencies.

The talk presents:

- the concepts of system, devices, wake-up and resume latencies,

- the recent changes in the devices framework for the latency, why and how to make it generic,

- the recent changes in the ARM/OMAP platform code for the system latency,

- the problems encountered while modeling and measuring the various latencies,

- a proposal on the model,

- the planned changes in the device framework, the platform code and the APIs.

This talk is oriented towards Linux power management developers and users. The generic model covers all flavors of Linux, from the embedded device up to the multi processor computing server.

The presentation is on Feb 17th 2012, 3PM.

See you at ELC for a discussion ... and hopefully a beer ;p