NewOldBits consulting activities:

  • 20+ years of embedded systems develoment, highly focused on Linux.
  • In depth knowledge of Linux OS architecture: kernel porting, device drivers development, debug solutions, profiling and tracing tools,

  • Contributions to the mainline Linux kernel [1]: Power Management support, Profiling tools maintenance: Perf, Oprofile, Ftrace...

  • Participation and presentations at Embedded Linux Conferences (ELC, ELCE, Fosdem, KS, LPC, Linaro Connect...)

  • Porting and development of custom solutions: board bring-up, ALSA drivers, performance optimisation etc.

  • Firmware and RTOS development

  • Good understanding of HW design, schematics, PCB design etc.

  • Linaro assignee, working on the tracing and profiling tools for ARM & ARMv8
  • Experience and references with top HW and SW companies:

Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons)Electrons

Texas Instruments


Philips NV,
... and more!

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Public profile and references are available at the LinkedIn page.
Resume available here below.

Please visit the mainline Linux kernel contribution page!

Jean Pihet,
Dec 4, 2019, 11:48 PM